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What you should know about Laure, her philosophy and approach to cooking ?
Hi, I'm Laure! I'm French and I'm around 50 years old... For 30 years, cooking has been my passion and French cuisine my specialty.
Cooking is an activity that has allowed me to evolve over time, because it brings personal satisfaction not only to be able to turn a sum of carefully selected foods into a delicious dish, but also because it allows me to make others happy.
For me, it all started in my own kitchen, where I enjoyed spoiling my little family with beautiful, healthy and varied dishes! The best memories of family or friends often come from good homemade feasts, right?! ;-)
Through years of cooking practice, recently underpinned by internships and training in professional gastronomy, I also experience a true joy in passing on the knowledge and fun of cooking to others, including explaining why and how, cooking is going well After all, and this is not the slightest reason that motivates me, it is a real satisfaction, to know exactly what you have on your plate, because the ingredients have been carefully selected and transformed into a tasty dish. At a time when the composition of the most processed products is more than confusing, I think there is an urgent need to switch to a conscious way of eating! It's time to take responsibility for it and enjoy it with a clear mind! « Cooking is sharing », that's my motto! ; I am looking forward to getting to know you soon!
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