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Welcome at "La Cuisine de Laure".
Here is what Laure, private cooking chef near Dinan in Britany (France), offers to her clients :
Private Cooking Events
you want to invite your family and friends for a nice lunch or diner, I cook in your kitchen, so that you become your own guest at home.
Private Cooking Courses 
We share moments of culinary complicity in your own kitchen environment, in which we try together - possibly with friends or family - cooking techniques and recipes of your choice!
Corporate Cooking Events
Exciting cooking events can take place as part of a team building event for companies and clubs (Christmas party, and other celebrations)! This gives the team members the opportunity to act and communicate together in a different context and at the same time learn and enjoy delicious meals.
Preparation of daily meals
In order for you to gain free time, I take a part of your daily routine by shopping and cooking for you: on defined dates I prepare the agreed menus at your home. This way, you and your family can enjoy delicious, varied and balanced dishes, without any stress. 
How you will spend this gotten time remains your call ! Not that bad, isn't it ?
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