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Nowadays, online courses have become a practical and meaningful way of developing learning even for very concrete activities and despite distance.
What do you think about learning cooking, comfortably from home, with your own cooking material?

Deepen a special cooking or baking technique, experience new recipes about a specific seasonal product, collect new culinary inspirations for both festive and daily meals,… all these are now possible using a simple laptop or tablet equipped with video media. Furthermore you receive the nearby and permanent help of the Chef, who supports you all along the course, by showing first how to proceed, by looking attentively at the way you're cooking, and by giving you advise and explanations about why it works so or not, answering as well all kind of questions you may have about the recipe…

Actually it’s about real interaction between you and the chef. For this reason the number of attendees will not exceed 6 persons, so that the event stays focused on YOUR cooking-experience, and that you can get the optimal benefit of it.

Then for sure you will feel completely able to do it again later on your own, with the proudness and self-satisfaction of having managed and of delighting your family and friends!

So let's do it together and make the motto comes true: Cooking is sharing!

Below in a few clicks, configure your personalized cooking course in the form below (the sections indicated with * are compulsory fields).

Want to please a loved one by offering him/her an online cooking class? In the form you can also mention it.

Looking forward to seeing you online and till then, take care!
Sincerely yours, Laure, your cooking Chef
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Desired cooking themes (e.g. backing Choux/Creampuff, variations around scallops, preparation of a 3-course menu with family / friends, preparation of a 100% vegetarian menu, etc.)
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Optional question: Would you agree to have one or more other people who are also interested in your culinary topic joining your group? (As a rule, the group will not exceed 6 people.):
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  • As approximate value, a 3-hour online course usually costs 60 euros per person, to which you add the cost for the food you will have to collect to make the recipes at home. 
  • After receiving your course request, I will get in touch with you to define the details that will make your culinary experience a success. It's also the occasion to refine the final budget for it. 
  • About a week before the D-Day, I send each participant the recipes in the desired language (FR / DE / EN), including the list of ingredients and equipment which can be considered "a little specific" (as for instance a pastry bag with a round tip) , so that each participant has the time to stock up on time. 
  • From that moment, the amount of the course is due for each registered participant and must be paid by bank transfer to the contact details indicated on the email. 
  • The verification of the bank transfer is the prerequisite to receive the link for the connection to the course on D-day. 
  • The online course will be conducted through Zoom. All you need is a tablet or PC with video. Connecting to the link that will be sent to you does not require any prior download of any application. Using a smartphone is also possible, but the screen size probably won't allow you to get the most out of the details on cooking skills. During the course, I place 2 video sources, one overview, the other placed above the main work surface, to allow you to see the details of the preparation with some focus. So that you should miss nothing!
  • It is important that each participant first check the quality of his/her internet network, in order to be able to fully benefit from the session. "La Cuisine de Laure" cannot be held responsible for the poor quality of the participants' connection. For instance, a participant having to abandon his connection during the course could not therefore demand reimbursement of the course. 
  • The other way round, if for some reason I could not perform the course at the last minute, I obviously undertake to reimburse participants who have already paid for their courses at the time of the cancellation notice.

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