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Nowadays distance is not a problem anymore, it's even rather become a convenient way of learning by doing in an entirely safe way (relatively speaking to Corona-Time for instance, you know what I mean ...).
What do you think about learning cooking, comfortably from home, with your own cooking material?
Using a simple laptop or tablet equipped with video media, you receive the nearby and permanent help of the Chef, who supports you all along the course, by showing first how to proceed, by looking attentively at the way you're cooking, and by giving you advise and explanations about why it works so or not, answering as well all kind of questions you may have about the recipe…  
Actually it’s about real interaction between you and the chef. 
For this reason the number of attendees will not exceed 4-5 persons (from different houses), so that the event stays focused on YOUR cooking-experience, and that you can get the optimal benefit of it. 
Then for sure you will feel completely able to do it again later on your own, with the proudness and self-satisfaction of having managed and of delighting your family and friends!  
So let's do it together and make the motto comes true: Cooking is sharing! 
In order to better understand the expectations you might have about such cooking online-live-courses, I will be grateful you to answer the following questions. It will take you less than 10 minutes. ;-)
As a thank you for the time you spent on this, I will offer the first 10 people who will have fully responded a 15% discount when they register for their 1st online-live cooking class! :-)
Thank you for your kind contribution! 
See you soon online and up to this moment take care! 
Sincerely yours, Laure, your cooking chef. 
About the global concept, would you be interested in signing up for an online-live cooking class, providing interaction between the chef and the participant? (you watch how the chef does it, and the other way round she can see what you are doing and guide you while performing the recipe)
Yes No
In details :
How much would you be willing to pay for such a course, lasting about 2-3 hours?
Amount in Euros
What might be your cooking themes interests?
rather about cooking?
or rather about baking?
deepening of a particular technique (eg: knowing everything about cabbages, Christmas 
biscuits, etc. )?
preparing a full meal (3-course menu type)?
preparing daily meals?
preparing vegetarian dishes?
What would be the most suitable time slots to propose these courses:
during the day during the working week (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
on weekday evenings (Mo-Fr >6 p.m.), e.g. in order to prepare together your diner
rather on weekends and public holidays
How important is for you the supply of ingredients for the recipe ?
I can buy the ingredients on my own, and I even prefer so, so that I can work we local suppliers, bio products, and other adapted products to my eventual allergies / preferences...
I expect an "all inclusive" cooking experience, and I don't want to take care of shopping. Therefore I would accept to pay for this service of delivering ingredients to my doorstep (in addition to the price of the online-live course)
In the end you can further specify your expectations here:
• What would make you decide to sign up for an online cooking class? 
• On the opposite, what is stopping / holding you back from signing up for an online cooking class?  
Before we leave each other… 
Would you like to give me your contact details (Name, Tel, Email), so that I can keep you informed of 
the follow-up given to this survey and this online live cooking class project?
Thank you for your kind contribution ! 
Laure, your cooking chef.
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